Animal Fats via Precision Fermentation
We're going to make plant-based foods tastier, for both consumers and the planet
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Unlocking the Potential of Fats in Plant-Based Foods


Fat is the key to making plant-based foods just as juicy and delicious as animal-based foods, being responsible for properties such as taste and mouthfeel.

Because the properties of plant fats are different from those of animal fats, the experience of eating many plant-based foods has so far been sub-par compared to the real thing. 

At Melt&Marble, we use precision fermentation to create the best animal fats. By engineering microbial metabolism, we can dictate the structure and properties of the fats that our microbes are producing, allowing us to mimic any fat structure, as well as create completely new and better fats. The result: tastier plant-based foods, for consumers and the planet!

Why an Alternative to Fat Production?

High Demand

The demand for plant-based foods is increasing. However, to replace a meaningful portion of animal-based foods with plant-based foods, new sources of fats will be needed.

Unsustainable Practices

Currently, production of several fats commonly used in plant-based foods is associated with deforestation and loss of biodiversity.


Plant-based fats have different properties than animal fats, leading to a sub-par taste experience.

"With our technology, we can erase the taste gap between animal-based and plant-based foods. This will be a huge booster for the entire plant-based industry"

Anastasia Krivoruchko, Co-founder & CEO

Advantages of Our Technology

  • Flexibility: tailor-made fats for any application and protein source.
  • Advanced health profile: lower saturation + incorporation of healthy fatty acids. No trans fats, antibiotics, or contaminants.
  • Sustainability: production from sustainable feedstocks + minimal land use.
  • Cost-effectiveness: lower production costs than other technologies.
  • Scalability: easily scalable production with existing infrastructure

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