Our Story

Melt&Marble (formerly Biopetrolia) was founded as a way to provide solutions to some of today’s sustainability problems. The company originated from Jens Nielsen’s Systems and Synthetic Biology group at Chalmers University of Technology, a group known for its in-depth knowledge and world-leading expertise in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories. The company was originally founded as a patent holding company for the research group, financed by providing yeast engineering services. In 2021, the company pivoted to focus on fats for plant-based foods. 

Our Vision

We recognize the enormous potential of the plant-based industry to solve key challenges in climate change, sustainability, and health.

We see our technology as becoming an important enabler for the industry by providing it with the best and tastiest fats, for both consumers and the planet.

Founding Team

Anastasia has educational background in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and a PhD in Biology. Prior to founding Melt&Marble, Anastasia has worked as a project leader at Chalmers University of Technology and has directed various precision fermentation projects. She has extensive experience in microbial metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, evidenced through many publications and several patents. Anastasia is passionate about using science to solve global challenges.

Anastasia Krivoruchko, PhD

Co-founder, CEO

Florian holds a PhD degree in Biotechnology with a focus on holistic bioprocess optimization and is an Assistant Professor at Chalmers University of Technology. He has more than 10 years’ experience in biotechnology and microbial engineering with various publications and patent applications in the field. Florian sees a great potential in making a positive impact through science, directly benefiting society and working towards a more sustainable future.

Florian David,

co-founder, cso

Jens Nielsen
Jens is a leading world-wide expert in metabolic engineering and systems biology. He has headed a research group of >80 researchers and co-authored >600 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, which have been cited >40,000 times. He is the inventor of more than 35 issued patents and patent applications. Jens has founded multiple companies and served as a scientific advisor to a number of large biotech companies. He is currently the CEO of the BII Institute in Copenhagen.

Jens Nielsen,

Co-founder, chairman of the board